Tristan Hanson

Tristan joined M&G in 2016 as a fund manager and is a member of the Multi Asset team, with over 15 years’ experience in asset management. Prior to joining M&G, he was Head of Asset Allocation with responsibility for global multi-asset funds at Ashburton Investments. Tristan holds a Master in Public Administration in International Development from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and a BA (Hons) in Economics from Durham University. He is a Chartered Fellow of the CISI.

From rationality to realism. Book review: “A Crisis of Beliefs: Investor Psychology & Financial Fragility”

Behavioural Finance

“The world…has witnessed an extensive history of financial bubbles, expanding credit, and subsequent crises…We put inaccurate beliefs at the centre of the analysis of financial fragility”.

In a new book, “A Crisis of Beliefs”, economists Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer tackle the role of beliefs in financial… Read the article

US households: rarely had it so good?


With Korean missile launches, Trump’s tweets, Hurricane Harvey, NAFTA negotiations and Brexit battles, journalists have plenty to keep themselves busy.

Of course, some of today’s headline-grabbing events might bring profound and unexpected change with lasting impact on global financial markets. But then again, they may not: devastating local events such… Read the article